Ceremonial commissioning of SHPP “Bistrica Majstorovina”

Ceremonial commissioning of SHPP “Bistrica Majstorovina”

Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Markovic, in the celebration of the ceremony of the 3rd of July – the day of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, opened the small hydropower plant of “Bistrica Majstorovina”.

In addressing the press and media, Montenegrin Prime Minister emphasized the contribution of the new hydroelectric power plant to Montenegro’s energy stability and its overall development, and characterized it as a confirmation of our country’s northern hydropotential.

Responsible and Main Engineer and the director of “SISTEM-MNE”, company that stands behind this project and also  the president of the Small Hydropower Plant Association Ljubiša Bošković said that the HPP in Majstorovina is twelve in Montenegro and that it will employee young people from the area in which it is located .

This mini hydroelectric power plant was built under the supervision of numerous Montenegrian experts, and was also under the inspection of experts from European Union because this project received financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as one of the best projects. ”

One of the co-owners of SHHP, Professor Dr Uros Karadzic, explained that the hydro power plant installed power is 3.5 MW, whose estimated annual production is 12.8 GW.

“The construction began in May 2015 and the got the inspection certificate  in December 2017. While constructing all environmental standards have been complied, so everything is done in accordance with the regulations,” Karadzic said and announced the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant “Ljestanica” worh five million euros.


Source: www.bijelopolje.co.me


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