Sistem-mne d.o.o.


Business profile: renewable energy project design, development, implementation and monitoring; estimation of the potential of renewable energy resources; development of the Hydrologic Studies, Geologic Studies, Geodetic Studies and Studies of Environmental impact assessment; consulting services.


Company Sistem-mne was established in 2013. as a subsidiary company of Sistem which was established in 2003. From the beginning, company Sistem was devoted to promotion and development of renewable energy power plants as well as projects of energy efficiency. It is one of the first companies in this field in Montenegro. By the time Sistem expand the field of business on different areas such as trade and other, civil projects. Because of that, company Sistem-mne was established as a company which is specialized for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. As a daughter company of Sistem, our company Sistem-mne assumes all references from company Sistem.


What Sistem-mne does?

As it was mentioned above, Sistem-mne professional team develops renewable energy projects, which includes assessment of renewable energy resource potential, making technical project documentation and all necessary studies (environmental impact assessment, hydrologic, geologic, geodetic), implementation of small systems and monitoring during the construction process. Besides this, Sistem-mne offers consulting services regarding technical solutions and corresponding legislative framework in the energetic area.

Sistem-mne is going to continue with development of renewable energy projects as a support to increasing “green energy” contribution in total energy production. We believe that the future is in renewable energy resources and sustainable development, so our company is going to continue with promotion of renewables and environmental protection. Our wish is to “bring” the latest and best technical solutions and achievements in Montenegro and to implement it here. Besides that, we intend to expand our business outside Montenegro. Also, our company already invests in small hydropower plants in Montenegro.

Currently Sistem-mne mostly works on hydropower projects in Montenegro which are favored by the Government. Our company finished a lot of idea solutions, detailed designs and various studies for different companies and investors. Solar and wind energy have just become popular in Montenegro and it represent a huge unused potential. That potential becomes available to investors and companies that are planning large investments and to people who only want provide energy for household. Until now, our company cooperated with both, investors in large projects, as well as with private individuals on smaller projects. Also we have cooperation with UNDP, Ministry of economy and other government structures in some projects. Our wish is to keep good cooperation with all our clients and partners and to make new partnerships.

Sistem-mne is a pioneer in Montenegro in the field of renewables which means that in compare with other companies we have greater experience, especially in the field of hydropower. Our team consists of university professors, experienced engineers and junior engineers which represents optimal compound of experience and enthusiasm. Some of them are employers of Sistem-mne, and others are external collaborators.

We have corresponding licenses for areas of mechanical, civil, electrical engineering and architecture. Also, our team consists of experienced technicians who are engaged on the field.



Ljubiša Bošković, graduated mechanical engineer, executive director (and also responsible and lead designer)

GPC, Tekton group, Brezna mont, WIN project, Lars Fire, BB Solar, Sienersys…


Our partners

Synergy, Hydro Bistrica, Vodni Zdroje, Gradnja d.o.o, Triangle General Contractors…


Our suppliers

Luxor, Helional, Akim elektronik, Conergy, Flow-Tronic, Gamesa, Hydrohrom, Poliester, Southwest Windpower, Studer Innotec, Sec Industrial, Battery Supplies, Subor, Superlit, Victron Energy…